like we said before, we're your new best friends with cameras, and we mean that quite literally. beyond capturing weddings, we experience so much joy through connecting with our couples and building relationships with people we never would have met otherwise.

that's why we're here to chit chat about wedding planning, share tiktoks back and forth about crazy wedding trends, and grab a drink together whenever we're in town.

oh hey! 

let's grab a drink

let's grab a drink

we're dryden & emily

let's get you some more info!

now let us share a little more about who we are as people. we met in college in virginia and we've been married for three years.

dryden (our resident videographer) is scarily outgoing, far too obsessed with the office, and can be found on the dance floor of some random wedding at any given moment. emily (our resident photog) is much more shy, adores binging netflix series, and can be found cuddled up in bed as often as possible.

while we could not be more different from each other, we find that it actually creates the perfect balance which allows us to encompass everything needed for this business and then some, taking our couples' experience to a whole other level

"this is your sign- Book them!! I promise you won’t regret it. We really cannot recommend them ENOUGH"

- mara  x  raphael

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